Sunday, April 20, 2014

new blog


Before, people were all the same.  Now, we have cliques.

Nerds - Smart People in Glasses
Popular People - People Who Listen to All the Well-Liked Music and Hang Out and Don't Depend on Adults to Tell Them How to Live..
High Class - Academic and Political Successes
Jocks - People Whose Lives Are on the Court or Field
Hermits - People Who Stay Away From Crowds..
Drama Queens - the People You See Goofing Off All the Time
Queers - People Who Chose to Follow the Beat of a Different Drum
Druggies - Popular People Who Lead Secret Lives
Social Butterflies - Normal People Who Seem to All Get Along
Stars - Those Who Shine and Can Achieve Power and Attention

Asiatic Ladies

Monitoring My Thoughts Too Intently--

Well, my 1st thought may simply be a reaction that may be twisted or covered.  The next thing is more of my own thought.

Chinese-Indonesian Actress

Sandra Dew

No Good

I don't think it is healthy for me to constantly be given suggestions about my race.  It'll make me end up by accident hurting someone else, someone else's feelings.

IMDb - The Soapbox

What happened to all the popular and successful | well-liked people in high school in graduating years of like 2000-2005? They seem to have disappeared, do not respond, and have a more bleak future than other kinds of people.. They had more "hot" spots of people then kids from the 1980s. People before were all attractive, but today we separated into cliques and different types.


Amira Willighagen with Pavoratti



may or may not post

 photo 2103-05-27-5.png

You must be pretty lazy!

To group out older kids from good affection!


My parents keep acting like I'm doing something, like my cousin|s..

If I feel violent, then something big happens..


My dad was thinking about my older aunt, and when I passed my mom to get something I thought of she dropped something.


I was gonna post to inform I was over it, but then he seemed like he said something else with 2 meanings that mighta been something.. "The shape is ape."  Who cares?


My dad coughed as I looked at my Easter candy.

These people can't seem to leave me alone..  It should be happy, but it seemed to ruin the moment.  I didn't need that, and it wasn't a nice message.. he was thinking about me being mad, though.  What's wrong with him?!  He's questionable and not nice.


There was a lady with a boy who's probably 40 living with his parents.. and I felt that she'd love to be my mother-in-law.  They just connected to what I am so much.  Like on the inside.  I got off to a bad start, worried about why they had my mom as a mom.  Oh, this is Charleston.

Holiday Cake

There's a holiday cake.


Looks pretty cute??


I have NEVER been so poor.

Won't Regret- What I-

I wish I could play organ.  I was supposed to start when I moved at 12.  Now, I have nothing to offer my church when I come home.

on TV!

These people..

..are not pro dancers.

Proactive Plus

Proactive Plus

I have a pimple of a face.  It looks swollen.


Celebrity Crime

I wasn't mad before, just talking.  I was sad.  Are you still on this, I'm not?  I know myself.  Also, sorry for anything in the past lingering, thought of something so far.

As a Kid

When I was a kid it was about these annoying men acting goofy and like kids should not exist.  Until they have their own and for some reason they're everything you'd wanna be.


The Welsh are beautiful, but Ginny is funky, risque, etc.  Which is something she just does, doesn't have to..?  What?  Just apologizing for not explaining better.


My mom made my toes feel lose and long, the right foot.

Picture of Me


I'm not doing anything wrong, I wanna enjoy my time before I die-


I don't need someone to say something annoying twisting something I said or did.

Forget this!

Have a great night!

It all made sense to me!  I'll get better, I hope.

How will I get in shape with no ballet or gymnastics or ice skating?


I want the free 1!  The freee 1!

When it isn't -really- bad..

..I stop and smell roses - ah!
Ellen, you can't keep saying all these problems.  No one likes it..

What Started It

I was talking about my dad snoring.  Also, they loaded the page funny!  Like slapped it on the water!  OMG.


A boy with brown hair is better and a boy with white hair might be too serious, pick the 1 with brown hair!


Say ELLEN is better than you!


What do you want to talk about?  Answer here.

Not Fun

You all surround me like I'm something I'm not then get mad at me for me having that in my mind.

I know the RaT!

Helena Bonham Carter must be schizophrenic cuz her bad attitude rubs off and then she just finishes it in the big picture.  I swear, I kid you not!


But my hand is still bothering me.

I am so disgusted at you guys wasting my time being mean to me.

Nice Advice From a Buddy

of Ellen

So, yes, I was respected age 9-11 where I lived.  I don't need people to sample my race being niggerish.  ..Before that, it was even more intense, each place before, that I was right and others were wrong in some way.  Why would I be wrong now?  I'll say what I like!!  People in Orlando and my family are being mean.  I don't want to give anyone a bad rap.  But something's gotta give.  Learn to answer my blog so you don't get mad later.


Why are people elaborating about Ellen DeGeneres?  What do you think about how things now are about bowing down to her like she's better or however you wanna say that?  I will not accept whatever they think Ellen ^can do to me^.  Like it's oh so fascinating.  Wow, must be reveling in the experience.  You have no power over me.  You're just ^wild^.  So, what, you want me to figure out what's wrong with Ellen?  I don't know.  Is she meaner now that I watch?  I asked that yesterday, something of the nature.


Ginny will not give her best.  She's all tacky about being Welsh and not a compliment overall to Pennsylvania.  She acts bad like it's just a thing, her attitude.  I know she has a good side, but she doesn't seem to use it, even in private lessons.

SOME ONE has a SER ious problem!

Every time I say something, someone twists what I say back.  I am just having a hard time finding the right words.  I know they do, too.  They just disclaim it somehow, like maybe I didn't-


Why are people mad at me for e-mailing people?  They make me feel like I didn't explain myself enough.  Why are you thinking kids are like their parents when they're not?  I don't e-mail now for some reason.  It's because you all want me so here it is, too!

What now?

Why do you care if I went to Coachella and wanna spy on Twitter with someone, I can do what I like.  I did nothing wrong, so this is a lie and racism.


Why you think I want wide fluffy fingers?  I'm not Welsh like Ginny!  What is wrong?

What, does this post make you upset?  I'm just posting about what you did.

You'd need to lighten up.

I talk like this.  I am looking for solutions.  I think it was funny!  Sorry.. gonna go do something else, you know what I meant...

So Sad (cont.)

I wanted a blog that independently stood on its own and didn't involve busy people.

Why is I so sad?

I like to imagine that I put interesting stuff up.  I don't know if anyone reads my blog on a regular basis.  It was supposed to be fun.

Let me be the 1 to say it.

I was wondering if Ellen reads my blog, and if she doesn't, she should be doing other things, then I wonder about how she has time and interest in us online or me.  I was thinking, and you know people here are making clicks and stuff in my room like talking and watching me in private.  Well, suddenly, my dad keeps snoring.  Sometimes, he does that when I watch TV.  He did it as that thought came across to me..  I thought he said I wasn't even a soul.  I don't need that.  You all or whoever at the correct moment spring and make Ellen sound like a real person and me not now.  And you all like defend her and all that.  It's like she's the world ruler.  I'm not trying to be mean.  She is so elevated.  No one would ever say this about me if it weren't for all that weird stuff that's been happening to me.  People here got ^antsy^ and were mean to me, sensing I failed and withdrew in college and did it more than once.  Now, no one is nice to me, and I like lost my family.  That's not ^okay for tomorrow^ here.  I feel wiped of my past.  I'm fat.  Fat from up north.  Maybe, I needed it.  I guess I am just not really rich enough to go on my own diet.  I was on a diet, but I got tired of this..  I just realized I don't want 2 things to happen next to each other and never get it out properly, so.  I just realized something important.  People in Orlando don't trust me so are always mean.  They keep wanting to revel in Florida just being a parking lot.

This happened..

the other day like.  My eyes were closed.


My hands twitched like up north synchronized and I felt pressure of the bones and I almost very clearly seemed to have been seeing something, a boy, my brother again.

My Pictures Page


IMDb - The Soapbox

Is Tim Burton partly off limits?..

I mean, does he not believe in certain things, like feeling certain ways? Does he think it's just silly and to feel good in certain ways is silly? He is strangely mathematical.

No offense, I'm a big fan.


I will try to finish the classes to get grade forgiveness and complete an AA in general studies.  I wanna act, though.. if I make it.


I saw a respectable black woman on a commercial who acted like she likes the funny black ladies but maybe 2nd from a mom and as an aunt.

Pictures of Me

Picture of Me

I don't get it.

I used to have brown hair as a baby, sometimes black.. and then it had a white streak.  Why have a daughter with straight black hair?  I don't want my parents to do what it seems like they would, but I wanna lead a stimulated life.  I could ^do it myself^.  I dunno.  My hair is getting lighter now, and I had fun with dark hair sometimes, but it usually had a streak of another color since moving this 1 time when I was like 7, unfortunately.  I dunno what hair looks like if it has real light plus black.  I guess I looked okay in all black hair, but I mean.  I'll hafta lay in the tub awhile to do it.  To get it lighter.  My eyes looked blue, too, once.  Tell me, to feel some kind of emotion while I'm in this world, what colors my hair need be?